15+ Great Things About America (2022 Edition)

15+ Great Things About America (2022 Edition)

hi, today in this article we gonna talk about 50 great things about the USA so Keep reading and enjoy...

 The good thing about America

1. national park

15+ Great Things About America (2022 Edition)

If I had to choose one of my favorites in America, it would be the National Park System. As a lover of nature and beautiful air, I spent a lot of time visiting national parks such as the majestic Denali National Park and I love them. Due to the diverse landscapes and climatic zones of America, one of the best ways to experience it is to visit the many national parks, monuments and historical sites that are found throughout the country. I also like camping in national parks. National parks are one of my favorite things in America. 

2. different landscapes
different landscapes

 As I said above, it is amazing that America has such a diverse landscape. There are almost all climatic zones in the United States, so you can find them anywhere in the United States, no matter what climate you are looking for. If you hate winter, you can throw it away without leaving the United States. If you hate extreme heat, you can avoid it even more. It's great to see so many different landscapes in one country, how wonderful it is ?! I like the different landscapes of America

3. different cultures

Like other climates and landscapes, the United States hosts such cultural diversity. I was fascinated by various American cultures while traveling through the United States. It depends on your mood, people's beliefs, offspring, skin color, etc. There are many cultures and cultural subgroups involved. There will be thousands of different parts of American culture. And I look forward to experiencing more and more as I travel through America.
America has many cultures

4. brown American

If you ask where your favorite country is, you can't even choose your favorite food. But the real American hash browns are on top. A good brown hash dish to eat at a restaurant during the trip should be a hot fried potato that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. exact. It seems simple, but it always seems to work well only in the US. I like to eat alone, but it's great as part of a cooked breakfast or as a lunch or dinner full of other delicious ingredients. Long live American hash browns! Hash browns is one of my favorites in America.

5. craft beers

how I love beer in America! The United States is at the forefront of the craft beer movement, and no other country has access to the distribution and quality of American beer. I'm very happy because I think Colorado is the best state for craft beer. A very creative beer scene with sour beer and something I haven't seen in any other state (which is my favorite!). Contains amazing flavors like Blackberry Habanero IPA and Chocolate Chai.

6. nature

 love the wildlife that calls America and Canada home. North America has my favorite animals, and Australia and Africa have won too. Bears, elk, elk, eagles, foxes, pikas, ants, worms, wolves, horns, marmots, stinkers, raccoons, squirrels, squirrels, bison ... 

I love them all! Wolves, cougars, polar bears, wolves, goosebumps, badgers, lynx, spears, there are so many things you don't want to see or don't want to see yet. The animals here are amazing and I am very happy to see them in the wild.

7. Wildflowers and raspberries

I like the colorful wildflowers and edible raspberries that can be picked along the trails along the wildlife trail, especially in the United States, especially in the mountains. Colorado, in particular, has a wide variety of wildflowers and sights, varieties, and colors, and always eats wild blueberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and salmon when walking. Wildflowers are one of my favorites in America.

8. Mexican food
Mexican food

 in addition to Mexico, the United States hosts some of the best Mexican cuisines in the world, and New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, and California also have their own Mexican cuisine. Before going to California and Arizona in 2010 and years before going to Mexico, I didn't know how delicious Mexican food is. And now I'm offended by the great Mexican food in America. Mexican food is not enough everywhere.

9. high-speed internet

For people living in the US who do not travel much, the internet is reliable and fast. But not in many parts of the world. Even in my home country, New Zealand, the internet is fast and reliable in most people's homes, but it's usually scary when you're in a hotel or trying to break into a cafe.

 If you work online like me, fast and reliable internet is very important and while I was in the US it was not difficult to find a good internet connection best and high speed.

10. open and friendly people 
open and friendly people

one of the things I love about America is its openness, kindness, and willingness to help. I feel like an open person because I have lived in the US for the last 4 years. I'm ready to share my feelings and tell anyone. New Zealand is a friendly and comfortable country, but we have embraced some of the emotionally conservative nature of Britain. A man who does not talk about our feelings does not panic, can not express his feelings, or see us crying. I mean, Americans in general aren't afraid to express themselves and the way they treat you. I like the openness and kindness of Americans.

11. festivals and fun events
usa festivals and fun events

Americans love events, and in America, at least in cities, something happens or is celebrated almost every night. Thousands of different events take place on Halloween alone. Do you want a beer and pumpkin pie? Do you want to dress up as a zombie and get rid of hundreds of other fake zombies? 

Do you want to go on the mysterious night of the murders on the steamboat? To be honest, even if you're interested or have a crazy idea, someone else in the US felt the same way and made up a story for you.

12. From Merchant Joe

You can't beat Trader Joe's when it comes to grocery stores. Fun, cheap, and friendly. It even offers a free tasting service! I missed the unique and delicious dishes that Trader Joe's keeps while traveling abroad, I would like it to be more open all over the world!

13. Entertainment - Television, movies, music, books, etc.
Entertainment - Television, movies,

The best movies, TV shows, music, books, podcasts, and more in America. When it comes to the world of entertainment, it goes without saying that the United States is a superpower. About 80% of what I saw and heard was American and took up most of my life. However, I think it is a mistake to consume only American entertainment. It's hard to imagine a kiwi or a British comedy or a Scandinavian police drama, otherwise, you would miss the absolute jewel of another country. "Parasite" - the film that won an Oscar for "Best Picture" in Korea - Look, it's great! However, the United States ranks first in terms of entertainment. 

14.autumn color

autumn is as beautiful as in America (Canada - I haven't forgotten you). When the reds and oranges of autumn in New England amaze me (seen from space !!), Colorado is my favorite place to go in autumn, because the golden aspen trees do not tire me. The beautiful golden color, the bright white bark of the tree trunks, and almost always the blue color of the Colorado sky - is simply one of the most beautiful views in the world. Last year, fall came to the Colorado Mountains in September and New England in October, so I could see the colors of fall in both places.

15. classic lunch

I've always liked classic dinners and I've been looking for them all over America. Whether it's a real '50s restaurant that's over 60 and barely changed or a 50s-style restaurant in a mall dressed as a Greek waitress, I love them all. And my favorite dinner is the cake! The endless refilling of coffee is also great.

this article was told by my friend who visit the USA and I write it.
Thank you For Reading This Beautiful Article About Great Country USA I Wish To Visit the USA Once Time In My Life But I Did,t Have the Money When I am Earn Able I Definitely Visit The USA...

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