a to z full guide in 2022 for blogger to start a blog and earn money

a to z Full  guide in 2022 for bloggers to start a blog and earn money
a to z full guide in 2022 for blogger to start a blog and earn money

What is a blog?

Before we understand what a blog is, we must first know the term "blog". When searching for the meaning of blogs, Google identifies blogs as regularly updated websites or web pages operated by individuals or groups to share content written in an informal or conversational tone. 

Ten years ago, this would have been the best reference. But times have changed, as has the meaning of blogging. You may have met a few pages or people on Instagram who have a travel blog, a food blog, or a fitness blog. There is not much to write on Instagram. So how do you describe these pages and people as bloggers or bloggers?

There has been a slight change in viewers' perceptions of online blogs. For audiences who use the Internet and browse search engines and social networks, blogging remains an experience of sharing content on a specific niche or topic, but blogging is no longer just about writing or texting, it is as wide and diverse as before. . Photo, video, and audio aspects of were also adopted. So, to understand what a blog is and what a blog is, you need to know all the aspects of a blog and the different ways you can share content on your blog. In this article, we will go through all aspects of blogging and delve into the topic.

 Do you know how to start a blog? 

Read the blog startup process and more details here. Now that you understand what a blog is, let's delve into the blogging experience. A blog is just a page or website that knows you can create interactive content that engages your audience and is a bit casual. So it's not hard to find the answer to what blogging is. Blogging is the act of developing the content of a blog page or website. start a blog

start a blog

In short, starting a blog requires a little research to find a niche in which you want to write. This will give you a better understanding of your target audience and give you an idea of ​​how much it will cost. All you have to do is see what types of content are supported by different social media platforms. So, to understand what blogging is and how to get started, you need to have a deep understanding of the different forms of blogging or content creation. So, we will soon delve into different types of content creation and blogging.

 the look of the blog

 decades ago, in the absence of YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms, blogging was limited to text-based content. Blogging has been seen as the practice of writing articles of unknown length informally. If you do not pay attention to the appearance of blogging, your opinions, opinions, personal experiences, etc. Action. 

Later, as blogging became a business practice, companies and organizations developed products, services, and so on. to reach a wider audience. I started a blog about this. As the blogging culture evolves and the number of people consuming it increases dramatically, advertising has become one of the main. 

ways to monetize content.

AdSense, MediaVine, Media.net, etc. are used to place ads on the blogger's blog to monetize the blogger's blog. The following advertising media may be used: However, blogging has evolved and is no longer limited to text-based content on websites, and the social media revolution has redefined the approach to blogging. Interestingly, none of the blogs are outdated and all blogs are still running with minor changes that took place during the development of the internet. Let's take a look at the different forms of blogging and how to use each one effectively to increase the success of your blog. 

There are five main blog formats.

    • text
    • audio
    • video
    • Photo
Let's take a look at each of these formats and see how beginners can start a blog and, in more detail, how to start and expand a blog in one of these formats. text text-based blogging is the oldest and most popular method of blogging. Many people today define blogging as the process of writing articles on a web page. According to the report, there are over 600 million blogs and over 1.5 billion websites worldwide.

 A large amount of blog content is uploaded to web pages and blog sites every day. According to the same report, bloggers write 6 million blog posts a day and a total of 2.5 billion posts a year. Text blogging is the most popular way to learn how to blog and can still be considered a good option if you want to start and expand your blog. There are some things you need to work on to expand your blog. It's not like blogging, it attracts thousands of audiences and traffic.

 How to grow your blog?

There are several important factors to consider when expanding your blog site. So, if you want to know what blogging is and the detailed aspects, you must first understand how your blog can reach a wider audience.

Search engine optimization(SEO)

There are many ways to reach a specific audience for your blog, and SEO is one of the main ways to do this. Search engine optimization is the process of adding keywords, title tags, images, links, etc. to help search engines identify and rank your content when searching on these platforms. Use it to experience article optimization.

social media

Social networks are one of the most powerful sources of visitors. However, you need to develop content that engages you and develops your social media audience before you can share your blog links and direct your social media audience to your website. If you saw a link scrolling up on Instagram or you can share the link directly on your Facebook or Twitter page and ask the public to continue the article. Social media platforms are full of billions of active users every day and, depending on how the platform works, the organic availability of social networks is much better than that of search engines. So, it will be easier to attract an audience to social networks than to get traffic through search engines.

make money from blogging

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about blogging. Most people who want to know what blogging is and all the details always show their passion for blogging as bloggers. This is a really, very important question for any blogger. Because blogging is a great way to make money, people who enjoy writing passionately should invest time and energy in writing articles and blogging regularly. Of course, there are great opportunities to make money through blogging, but there are conditions you need to consider in order to make money with your blog. First, you need to understand how and why bloggers pay. There are basically.

 4 ways bloggers make money.

  1. Advertisements
  2. Affiliate Commissions
  3. Sponsorships
Let's take a closer look at each of the ways you can make money with your blog. Always remember that bloggers suffer from two problems: sponsorship fees, advertising, or partnership fees. get over the theresaleSuppose you have a fitness blog, and when your blog reaches a wide audience, your brand sponsors it to reach out and show you more content. A blog can help increase access to your brand, as sponsored content will be read by people as it is written or distributed. Since the other ways to make money through blogging are the same, let's take a closer look at each of the ways to make money from blogging.


 promotion or publicity

has always been one of the most popular and popular ways to make money through blogging.
These include Adsense, Mediavine, and more. It is very organized and well organized with various advertising services such as These services including banner ads and pop-up windows. There are registered advertisers who spend money to promote their brand. By subscribing to one of these advertising services as a blog, you get paid and take up less space on your blog to advertise to relevant advertisers based on your niche and traffic.

Payments are not always large and easy and you need to understand how they work. Payment structures vary by platform. Success is primarily about two factors: effects and clicks. Display fees are lower than print fees because clicks eventually redirect the user to the merchant page. Payments may vary by niche and advertiser. For example, multiple clicks in fitness are more valuable than multiple clicks in other genres, because the cost of a single click on a fitness, health, or technology ad is usually higher than in other ads. The best advertising service

  • Adsense
  • Propeller Ads
  • Ezoic
  • Media.net
  • Mediavine
  • AdThrive
These are just a few of all the ad networks and there are many other networks that are easy to search and find on the internet. To understand how to authorize your blog to run ads on a particular platform, you should first review the terms and conditions and eligibility criteria. 


another way to make money through your blog is through sponsorship. It is also one of the most popular ways to monetize your blog. As mentioned above, sponsorship is a way to increase the visibility of your brand. Blogs with tens or hundreds of thousands of audiences have more supporters. Suppose you have a very popular travel blog because it usually works.

This allows companies working in the tourism industry to contact them for affiliate and sponsored content that will further promote their brand. Of course, sponsorship is a great way to monetize your blog, but one of the disadvantages of this monetization structure is that it's not always uniform and you can't always find customers. A high-performing website can always find sponsors, but you may have a high-performance website or blog and still not get sponsors. Advertising is structured and focused on performance, but little is known about sponsorship in this regard. 

You can get a lot of sponsors in one month and you may not have any sponsors in the next month. Given all of the above, if you know how to attract sponsors, it's a good idea to find a good portion of your blog through sponsors.
One of the most effective ways to monetize blogging is through membership fees. To understand the process of monetizing a partnership, you must first understand what a partnership is. A partnership is a person who provides traffic - potential opportunities and sales - to sellers.

Affiliate Program

 One of the most effective ways to monetize blogging is through membership fees. To understand the process of monetizing a partnership, you must first understand what a partnership is. A partnership is a person who provides traffic - potential opportunities and sales - to sellers. Suppose you are building a gym that is not very popular, but you cannot persuade people to join them even if you spend a lot of money on equipment. 

In such a scenario, you can find people who can focus on the room by influencing others through the channel. It can also help boost and increase sales. So, whenever someone enters the room on the recommendation or advice of a dietitian, you can contact the dietitian and offer him a commission. 

This is primarily the structure of the partnership. So brands with small audiences or who have completely forgotten about marketing and invested a lot of money in creating a product or service, need resources to drive their audience to the product or service. If you actively run a profile blog, posting a link or banner will cause some of your audience to go to the link and redirect it to the seller's site, where they will eventually buy the product. This is a purchase that will bring you a commission for contributing to the sale. 

There are platforms where you can click a link and monitor the entire process of your blog visitors to make a purchase and reward them accordingly. This is how affiliate marketing works and how affiliate marketers monetize their blogs.


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