How can I delete my Flipkart account permanently

How can I delete my Flipkart account permanently

How to Delete Your Flipkart Account in 6 Easy Steps

Currently, no bone  is important interested in shopping offline but they feel good about shopping online. numerous online shopping apps and spots have been developed these days and Flipkart is one of them. It has served numerous merchandisers and buyers but the time isn't the same for all at every time( perhaps a buyer or dealer). 
 still, there may be some reasons like being unsatisfied by the product or getting a better option, or facing great loss in case you're a dealer. These effects may push you towards deleting your Flipkart account. If you're similar a person and searching how to cancel a Flipkart account also you're at the right place.In this composition we're going to introduce you to the introductory way you need to follow to know how to cancel your Flipkart account. So without important detention let’s go ahead with the way. But before that it’s better to understand your Flipkart account. 

 What's a Flipkart Account? 

Flipkart is an Indiane-commerce business grounded in Bangalore, Karnataka, and registered as a private limited company in Singapore. The establishment began with online book deals before raying out into other product orders similar as consumer electronics, fashion, home requirements, food, and life particulars. 
 Then the merchandisers put their products with great offers and abatements which are seductive to the buyers and the buyers finds the offer that's salutary to them and places the order which will be entered by them in the specified quantum of time. 

How to cancel Flipkart Account? 

 If you want to cancel your Flipkart account also you can follow the below way. 
 Step 01
 originally, login to your Flipkart account with the help of your Gmail or mobile number.Step 02 After logging in to your account navigate to the My Account section. 
 Step 03 At the bottom you'll find Account settings click on it. 
 Step 04 In the account settings you'll find Kill Account. Press on it. 
 Step 05 Next, you'll be asked to enter your word and also click on confirm deactivation. 
 Step 06 For evidence again valve on Okay. 
It’s done! Now your Flipkart account deactivation is done successfully. 

 What Happens When You cancel Your Flipkart Account? 

It's important for you to know what happens after you cancel or Kill your Flipkart account. Let’s look at it! 
 As soon as you Kill your Flipkart account you'll be logged out from your Flipkart account. 
 People won't be suitable to see your profile on Flipkart. 
Promotional emails won't be transferred to you from Flipkart. 
 Your profile details may be unapproachable as you have killed your Flipkart account, but your conditions and reviews will be visible indeed after deactivation. 
 And eventually, if you extinguish your Flipkart account again also all your data will be retained and restored. 
 Belting Up 
 It’s veritably simple to Kill your Flipkart account. You can borrow the below introductory way and can cancel your Flipkart account. 
If you want to feed a Flipkart account back also no worries it's possible to extinguish your account whenever you want. We hope this post was helpful to you and if there are any suggestions or dubieties also feel free to connect with us. Our comment section welcomes all your dubieties and we're happy to clear them.

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