Raft beginner’s guide tips and tricks

Raft beginner’s guide tips and tricks
Raft beginner’s guide tips and tricks

The raft was unreachable in the beginning, and like most survival games in the open world, its start can be threatening. To help you travel, we’ve put together some tips we want you to know when launching our little boats. Our Raft Configuration Guide provides tips and tricks that are unfamiliar to new and old players.

Spend your time making your own ring and cooking

need to rush the story. Take the time to buy the necessary equipment, expand the deck and make it a home. You will have to travel to find basic building materials (boards, plastic, and palm leaves), so don’t worry if you need to explore more before you come across fictional islands.

Remember to include elements in your research plan

To learn new recipes using the mentioned materials, you need to send one of each material to the research table. It's easy to forget, so be sure to use the spreadsheet when researching new areas. Look for underwater objects on the islandsSubstances such as sponges and debris are found underwater on rocks around random islands. You have to swim down to collect these essentials, so you want to explore both underwater and on land. Three characters of boats open underwater Games.

Use shark prey

As mentioned a shark attacking your boat will attack you when it sees you underwater. You can throw a shark with a spear, but you can also use a shark lure to easily knock it down. The shark bites its prey and releases it before swimming. It returns until the prey is eaten, so you can defeat the shark before the prey leaves it. When the shark dies, you can take it for meat and swim freely until the shark returns. Don't stay too long on random islands first, a short stay on a random island can be appealing, but you’ll need more boards and plastic to store tools and fuel. If you lack clean water or cooked food, you will die of starvation or dehydration, so you need to travel for more resources before that happens. Bring food and drinks with you during the inspection be sure to bring food and drinks with you while exploring the beautiful islands of history. Some of the following islands are preparing to be distracted, but there is no reliable source of food or water. You don't want to end your trip too soon to return to the ship to eat, so take it with you.

 Fishing is important to get tons of food 

because fishing is a free source of food, install a fishing line as soon as possible. Put each fish on the grill and you will be ready for a long time. Prey for sharks also needs special fish for this. The fishing boat next to the  Interactive / Axolot Games

Keep plants indoors to prevent nail's evil

 tigers will eat your crops if they are not planted in you or until they are scared near you. Scarecrows do not scare away birds, they only move for a moment before breaking the trigger. If your boat is too big or you can't hold tabs in these marine mice, avoid your gardens. 

Use a survey wheel to select a certain number 

of items from layers although it's a game and poor quality, know that if you want to have the right settings, you don't need to save one or completely. Use the scroll wheel to select.
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