Top 4 Blogging Platforms for Beginners [Infographics]

Top 4 Blogging Platforms for Beginners [Infographics]
Top 4 Blogging Platforms for Beginners [Infographics]

Are you a beginner blogger who wants to get on stage, but you don't know where to start? Stop looking. Taylor Goodman from Media Update is here to discover the top 4 blogging platforms for beginners. 

Top 4 Blogging Platforms for Beginners [Infographics]Are you a creative person who likes to write and read? Then you might consider setting up your own blog because you are looking for a space to express your thoughts and opinions.

Use WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace to monetize your blog. You have complete control over your site and everything on it. Great for running a Medium or LinkedIn hobby blog and networking. 

They're free, but you can't choose what your blog looks like, and you can't really make money. What makes this blogging platform so cool? Where could it be better? To find out, we interviewed active users on each platform to see where those platforms are good and lagging behind.

1.WordPress with Hostinger - Best for creating highly scalable and customizable blogs.
blog on wordpress

 It's free and you only pay for hosting. We recommend Hostinger for WordPress hosting because it is the best price for an easy installation. Hosting allows you to create a WordPress site in minutes.

 This is a highly customizable content management system (CMS) for bloggers who want to create a website for their business. It's also useful if you want to expand your revenue blog. because? WordPress is open source. This means that it does not keep the source code secret. 

Developers can customize their WordPress blog by creating widgets, plugins, and other tools to create any type of blog. A dashboard user who has been working with WordPress for 4 years describes the CMS as "blogger friendly" with lots of built-in SEO features.

 Their experience is shared with many other users. According to him, the reading has a bit of a curve. To get the most out of WordPress in terms of customization, you need to better understand the plugins and widgets you choose and how to manage your server. It is also very easy in WordPress. It doesn't take long for users to master it. One user said, "When I didn't know WordPress for the first time, it was a little hard to learn, but I understood it quickly.

he said, "It's very easy to use." WordPress site. Users can advertise their articles to third parties for more revenue.  informational products, such as e-books and mini-courses," they said. 

You can also use the plugin to build your audience and increase your revenue. ," he added. 

"If you want to monetize a blog."With lots of plugins and the ability to customize your site, you can find the options you want to add to your site. As your blog and audience grow, you can continue to tailor your site as you wish.

blog with WordPress

WordPress is actually the CMS used by Quickspout, so it's a bit one-sided. In fact, we are too one-sided. If you want to create a blog that attracts thousands or millions of readers, not to mention monetization, WordPress can't offer enough. But it's true when users say it's hard to learn at first.

 At first glance, the WordPress dashboard looks more complicated than the others. But once you jump, it's very easy to change your mind.

 And you get used to it relatively quickly. Gutenberg WordPress Editor makes blogging and editing very easy. You don't have to know HTML unless you want to be cunning. Everything you need to publish a blog - just specify and click. Of course, this isn't quite like drag-and-drop features like Wix and Squarespace, because you can't edit the whole page, but it's very close.

host selection

To create your own WordPress site, you need to purchase a domain name, get web hosting, and create an account. You'll find detailed information about our articles on Best Web Hosting for WordPress and Best Web Hosting for WordPress on choosing a managed host for WordPress.

 Quick answer: go through Hostinger.WordPress hosting pagesHostinger is one of the most popular web hosts, especially for WordPress users. Because it only serves the server on which your WordPress site is located, Hostinger can configure your special server for WordPress security and performance. 

This means that when you sign up for Hostinger without additional work, you will have a faster and more secure WordPress site. You can launch your WordPress site in minutes with a single click. I am serious. When you register, choose WordPress as your preferred CMS and it will be installed automatically.

 Price was an important factor for most of the users I spoke to. Hosting prices are very low, but full of opportunities to help you grow. Starting at $ 1.99 per month, you have the following options: Get your free domain name for the first year.

 create up to 100 different websites create 100 email accounts associated with your domain you want to create additional sites, or send emails to people at your @ service address, other platforms involve additional fees. Another useful aspect of working with Hostinger is 365/24/7 live chat support. Most WordPress questions can be answered with a simple Google search. Being the most popular blogging platform in the world, there is a lot of information here.

Disadvantages of WordPress

The blogging user panel provided mixed reviews on the convenience of WordPress for beginners. Some say it's pretty easy, others say it's difficult for beginners. One user said, "I don't like the time it takes to study." Their thinking has shown that WordPress is not the easiest option, especially when you create your first website. "Sometimes blogging makes me want to hold hands rather than find videos on how to learn on YouTube.

"After testing and building a site with WordPress, I can say that it takes time to learn it, but once you do, you will be happy to do the job. But even if you feel uncomfortable at first and you are ready to learn and develop your website management role, this is still the best bet.

 Another disadvantage, mentioned by one of our users in our survey, is that WordPress does not offer extensive customer support. As one user put it, "I want to set up a support desk where they can be contacted via email or chat." This is another great aspect of hosting at Hostinger. There are people you can chat with live, day or night. Their support group can help you with many common WordPress issues. 

Latest thoughts about WordPress

Besides working very well by all standards, WordPress with Hostinger is a great place to start if you want to build a blog that grows with you of any size. This is especially good if you want to monetize your blog and optimize it for traffic/growth. Finally, we need to add resources that other platforms cannot provide. WordPress and Hostinger can do this.

 Some WordPress users have encountered minor issues with the learning curve of the platform and everyone says that once you learn it, you can create a great blog. They especially liked the level of WordPress customization. Some of them monetized their website using plugins and widgets from the site developers.

2. Wix blog
blog on wix

Wix Blog Manager is very simple and intuitive, with built-in analytics and SEO.Key features such as social media, likes, comments, hashtags, categories, and subscriber forms can be easily added to your blog. Editing Wix BlocksHere is a good category of blog templates to get you started. After choosing a template, we recommend that you update your font, color, and logo to customize it and differentiate it from other templates.

 Composing a message is as easy as clicking the compose message button, making a copy, and adding an image. You can also save thumbnails or give other shareholders permission to write on your site. It's as simple as the desktop on your mobile device. No application is required. 

The blogging process is as intuitive and easy to use as people describe it, but there were other additions that surprised me. Create blog posts with WixYou can easily add other tags to images and nofollow tags to links without entering any HTML code. These materials are very important for a high position in search results and you don't have to know too much to match your SEO virtues with Wix. Each post requires time to be read automatically (and the center also provides it) to show readers how long it will take to complete the post, and this is a great opportunity for readers. 

I also like the ability to interact with readers using live chat in the Wix app. Tell us about an online course or webinar on which you build a real community on your blog, ready to answer your readers' questions in real-time or give. This is a great opportunity. Most Wix blogs look great on phones, tablets, and desktops in general. As one user put it, "My website works great on all devices, making it easier for the public to see my work and contact me right away."

Squarespace and Blog

3. Squarespace and Blog

Editing the blog, from the contact page, the "About" page, the home page, and the portfolio, to the blog itself is very easy with Squarespace. Like Wix, there is a shooting tool. Unlike WordPress, users do not have to work with a server editor, which can sometimes be confusing. 

As one user said, "They have a great compiler." What you see, you'll get. " "In other words, when you create a page, you can see what the page will look like when you create it."This user is also known as Paige Branson. He discovered the wonders of Squarespace a few years ago and loved it so much that he built a successful career, helping others create a design. 

In his opinion, the Squarespace server editor is superior to WordPress, as you can see when it comes to changes."Sometimes you edit the backend of the site the way you do in WordPress, but when you're done, you have to go ahead and see what it will look like," he said. "If you write blog posts with Squarespace, you can see that the changes are happening at the same time.

 I find it very useful. It's the part that makes it easy to use. "Blog templates and Squarespace editing functions. Squarespace also provides tools for adding an e-commerce section to your blog, along with newsletter integration. 

This really helps you scale and transform your blog for profitability and audience growth. integrated and email marketing, membership areas, and podcast support." "The website also has a lot of resources about every opportunity and how to take advantage of it."

4. Blog on Linked

InCreating a blog on LinkedIn is very easy and all you need is a profile. Just click the Facebook-like status button and write an article. Like Medium, LinkedIn uses a very intuitive Gutenberg-style editor. Our panel also said, in a word, “The functions of the article are very easy to use. Just add photos, write text, and post. No crazy sorting or formatting issues.

 ”There are also differences between posts and LinkedIn articles. Posts are small updates that share channels and connections. Think of a simple anecdote or expert advice. It is limited to 1300 characters, about 5 lines. 

Of course, the article is longer and deeper. This is what a wider audience on LinkedIn wants to read. Who knows if one of your LinkedIn blogs about marketing or sales will get a post? Blog posts on the LinkedIn sales blog people who read your article can follow you and be notified when the next article is published. Any articles you post will appear in the Articles section of your LinkedIn profile. Is one better than the other?

 Of course, it's different. After all, you might have a great idea for a long article that your audience will love. However, one of our panel users thinks that the shorter it is, the better. Therefore, they advise not to write articles. As one user put it, "Switch to multimedia messages and summary updates.

" "Please do not post the full article here. If you want to get more attention, find a way to post the right type of content and direct people's attention to a product or service that you can sell.

Final Words

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