7 Very Important Tips to Optimize Your Windows 11 PC for Gaming Performance


 7 Very Important Tips to Optimize Your

 Windows 11 PC for Gaming Performance

Windows 11 includes many great features, including AutoHDR, which can play games much better (if you have an HDR monitor). However, to maximize your computer's gaming performance, you'll need to troubleshoot the issue yourself and change some settings. Fortunately, the process is not too complicated. The following guide explains the best ways to help you optimize your computer for games.

1. Disable startup applications

In general, launch applications do not affect game performance. But heavy applications or consumer applications will certainly have an impact. Ultimately, the results will depend on the applications you use on your computer. Disable it if you feel it is interfering with the performance of the game. This will help your computer run faster. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc on the keyboard to launch Task Manager.
Go to the "Run" tab.
Windows 11 Start Tab Optimization
Select the application you want to close and click the "Disable" button below. Disable the Windows 11 optimization starter
By doing this for all unnecessary applications, your system will run faster.

2. Disable resource-intensive applications

Some applications can take up a lot of memory and CPU performance. So, if you want to start a game session, disable that app beforehand. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc on the keyboard to open Task Manager.
Click any to sort the "Processes" list after using "CPU" or "Memory". Select the process that consumes the most and click the "Finish Task" button at the bottom.
Optimize Windows 11 shutdown tasks for resource usage
Repeat these steps to disable unnecessary applications running in the background and consuming memory or processor. 

 3. Stop the animations

If you prefer speed to appearance, you may want to consider disabling animations. Windows 11 is much smoother, in part due to the animation effects. It looks good, but it slows down the system. Press Win + I on your Windows computer to open Settings.
Go to "Special Features" in the left menu. Select "Visual effects".
Optimizing Windows 11 visual effects
Disable "Animation effects" in the menu.
Disable Windows 11 optimization animation effects

If you follow these steps, Windows 11 will not look smooth, but your system performance will improve. 

4. Change the visual effects

As we saw above, Windows 11 looks best, but it can affect the performance of games. To prevent the game from conflicting with the graphical interface running in the background:

Access your computer's settings as described above.
Enter "productivity" in the search box at the top left. Select "Customize the appearance and performance of Windows" from the options that appear.
Optimize Windows 11 performance tuning
When the new "Performance Settings" window appears, select the "Adjust for best performance" option. Optimizing Windows 11 performance Best performance

5. Use power management options for maximum performance

You can also switch to high-performance power plans in Windows 11. This is an option that forces the computer to consume more power to provide the required performance.

Windows power plans are set to "Balanced" by default. Therefore, you need to manually switch to the high performance plan.

Click the search icon on the taskbar. Enter your "power plan" in the search box at the top.
Click "Choose a power plan."
Choose Windows 11 Optimized Power Plan Options
Change the power plan to "Pure Performance" (in this case, the option is simply listed as "Performance"). If this option is not available, go to "Show more subscriptions".
Windows 11 Ultimate Power Management Optimization

After performing these steps, it will consume more energy for performance, which will lead to better system performance. However, one thing to keep in mind is that this special power plan is only suitable for the latest computers and laptops.

6. Graphic driver update

One of the most important factors for improving game performance is the graphics driver. It should therefore be updated regularly. Open the manufacturer's website in a web browser. In our case, we visit the NVIDIA website and look for a new driver.
Provides the necessary details such as the graphics card model, operating system, etc. Click the Search button at the bottom. Optimize the search for Windows 11 graphics drivers
On the next page, click Download.
Optimizing the loading of the Windows 11 graphics driver
The graphics driver will start loading immediately. Then run the installation file and install the new driver. If you're not using NVIDIA, don't worry. The process of updating AMD graphics drivers in Windows is similar.

7. Start the game mode

Game Mode is not a new feature available in Windows 10. This allows users to enjoy uninterrupted game performance. There is not much difference between the Windows 10 game mode and the latest version. Windows 11 continues to optimize your gaming system and improve your frame rate. Ideally, you should have the game mode enabled.

Click the Start button on the taskbar. Select the Settings application from the menu.
Go to the "Games" section and select "Game mode".
Windows 11 game mode optimization
Enable the option to enable game mode in Windows 11. Enable Windows 11 optimized game mode
Select "Image" from "Associated settings."
Click Windows 11 Optimized Graphics

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