genshin impact for beginners

genshin impact for beginners

Looking for a guide to Genshin Impact? Free-to-play RPGs have become incredibly popular in the last year and, more than ever, new players are gathering in Tivat to embark on their journey with Traveler. However, Genshin Impact is not as simple as it sounds. Explore Taiwan with a Genshin Impact guideOf course, it's easy to understand after you've played for a while, but there are so many different elements that it can be a little overwhelming when you start. Why should you invest here? 

genshin impact for beginners

Do I have to enlarge these characters? Is there a faster way to get the adventure rank? What is this resin material? This Genshin Impact guide answers all these questions and more. will answerIf you've been playing for a while and things don't seem to be going well, here are some tips to help you progress a little further in the game. Stumbling blocks are a natural part of any game, and overcoming them is part of the journey. But if you want to go to Taiwan on your best feet, this Genshin Impact guide is the place.

Increase your adventure level to unlock new features adventure

 Rank is an important part of Genshin Impact and affects the content of the game and whether or not you can complete certain tasks. You can increase your adventure by opening chests in the world, completing missions, completing daily tasks, defeating bosses and claiming resin rewards.

 Increasing the level of adventure unlocks:AR 8: The Flower of Revelation. Discover this challenging world, defeat enemies and gain experience items to raise your character. AR 12: Flowers of wealth and daily commissions. "Bloom of Wealth" is the same as above, but offers moratorium and daily commissions gives you experience points and primary games for the desired character.

starting genshin impact

 AR 10: Cod. Now you can buy Genshin Impact codes (opens in a new tab). AR 14: Exploration. Visit the adventurer's guild and send your character to farms, minerals or food. Some characters, such as Kekin, Bennett, Fishle, Jeongyeon and Sara, have shorter exploration times, depending on the region.AR 16: Areas of cooperation and fraud. Co-op mode allows you to play with others, and the Forge field is a challenge that gives you the materials you need to improve your weapons.AR 20: The spiral abyss and the passage of battle.

genshin impact for beginners

 Spiral Abyss is the iconic dungeon of Genshin Impact's Seasonal Challenges, in which the best heroes compete against each other for continuously regenerated rewards. Battle Pass also offers in-game rewards for achievements such as cooking, tar use and defeating bosses. AR 22: The Land of Blessings. 

Similar to counterfeiting, these areas allow you to find and manipulate artifacts. BC 25: Reputation. Completing specific missions and tasks will earn you fame in each region. Achieving certain prestige levels will give you rewards, the best of which is the condensed resin recipe you get when you reach level 3 in Liyue.

AR 26: Key to conspiracy. By completing daily commissions, you can earn story keys and unlock quests for certain characters. However, most of these missions have an adventure level requirement 40. AR 27: Technical field. This area offers resources to raise your characters to new levels and to increase their talents. AR 28: Serenity Bowl. This unlocks the "Pot Called House" mission, which gives you a pot with your own area that you can use to build a house, grow plants and grow fish. AR 45: The mystical sacrifice. This allows you to combine 5-star artifacts from Alchemy Bank to create a safe that contains a certain type of 5-star artifact. Adventure Rank also raises the world level, which changes the difficulty of enemies and the quality of prey they throw.

Wishes, regrets are important wanting characters and weapons

 in Genshin Impact is always a game of chance because you never know what you will get. But this is where Pity comes in. A system that guarantees that you can get 4 or 5 stars in a certain number of desires. advertisementadvertisementIt is true that if you want 10 times you will get 4 stars, but if you want 4 stars, you can want 10 times and you want 10 times. At the same time. This means that it is more important to always hope for the same flag until you reach the pitiful point, especially if you have a weapon or a hero that you need. Here is my sympathy for a rare character or weapon:If you make 9 wishes without 4 stars, the 10th wish is guaranteed 4 stars.If you make 89 wishes without 5 stars, the 90th wish is guaranteed to be 5 stars. Increases your chance to create 5 stars for each of the 75 wishes until you reach 100% on day 90.The 80th five-star is guaranteed when you have 79 wishes on a weapon banner that does not have five stars. The chance to create 5 stars out of 65 wishes increases from 80 to 100%.It's also important to remember that this number resets to zero, especially when you drop a character or a rare weapon.

 Save Primogames for any character you wantBuy Forged Fate or Familiar Fate with Primogems at Genshin Impact. You can purchase Genesis crystals (which turn into Primogems), but you can also earn a lot of Primogems in the game by opening chests, completing events, creating Spiral Abyss, and taking daily commissions. You can also get Fate by buying with Starglitter or Stardust from Paimon's Bargains, which you can get whenever you want by raising the character's level. However, it may take 80 wishes to get a 5-star character. 

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So, if you don't want to spend money, you will have to save your fate for the character you want and then hide those 80 wishes by pursuing luck or moving up a level. There is still no guarantee that you will get the five stars you want, but the desire for a new banner will increase the percentage of people who receive the recommended five stars.

Use the resin as received or turn it into a condensed resin

The original resin is unique in Genshin Impact, as it is mainly used as the game's reward coin. When you defeat a boss or complete a field, you must use resin to earn rewards. There are now 160 original resins and they are refilled every 8 minutes. This means that it will take 21 hours and 20 minutes to completely fill the resin. However, the original resin can be converted to condensate and stored for later use. To do this, you must reach rank 3 in Liyue and then go to Alchemy Bank. The condensate can only be used in non-boss areas, but has double rewards, making it ideal for artifacts and agricultural materials.
Build your character and learn how to build a balanced party.

It may sound obvious, but the Genshin Impact fight focuses on basic skills and combines them to create strong reactions that can freeze, thaw or electrocute the enemy. How you build and get these reactions will depend on the character combinations of your group and how you use basic skills, explosions, and attacks.

Use a map to mark everything

That's the world is full of mysteries, but sometimes you might come across someone who doesn't have a real solution. You may need some basic skills or better stats, or you may not be smart enough to get to the bottom of the puzzle. Whatever the reason, use a map indicator to mark that location later. These needles can also be used to mark the location of scarce resources, such as fishing or hunting grounds or character leveling materials so that they can return in the same way after the 48 hours they need to be reborn. You can frame up to 99 pins, so there's no reason not to use them all. 

Use all the curse chips

It is easy to forget that seals exist. A type of local currency that can be obtained from chests or found occasionally during expeditions. If you're like me, you'll probably be collecting for some unknown reason. Stop it. The Sigil store (located in Mondstadt and Liue) offers travelers a limited selection of Materials for Ascension, Moras, Weapons Plans and Constellations. Don't be like me, gather seals for no reason.

Invest wisely and do not try to make the most of each character.

One of the problems with Genshin Impact is that at higher levels you need more experience items and promotional materials for your character, but there is a constant amount of money you can use every day to earn these rewards. When you reach level 60, you will increase the level to get what you need to further develop your character. Things get worse when you try to pass the level every time you get a new character. So it is usually best to focus on building the right team at the right level.

Cooking is not just for fun

The cuisine may seem a little unknown, but the food at Genshin Impact is very strong. Eating food is one of the few ways to revive a character, but food can also increase stats, give immunity to state effects like Dragonspine Cold, or simply heal you. That's why it's always useful to stock up on recipes at Teivat's restaurant. We recommend using an expedition to increase the material, but you can buy meat from the Draft in Springvale during the day, as long as you go to the starting point, and east of the Stormterror Burrow is a good place to hunt wild boars.
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