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Clemson football report double OT win vs Wake Forest

Clemson football report card: Who got an A and who got a D in a double-OT win vs Wake Forest?

Clemson football report double OT win vs Wake Forest
Clemson football report double OT win vs Wake Forest

The No. 5 Tigers (4-0, 2-0 Atlantic Coast Conference) had two more periods left in the postseason but came away with the most points on our record after a 51-45 overtime win over No. 5. 16 Wake Forest (3 -1, 0-1) at Winston-Salem, NC. This is how things are arranged

Clemson got off to a strong start with a 14-0 lead before going quiet for a while. But the Tigers finished with 559 runs. Quarterback TJ Waiagalelei had the best game of his career and was responsible for Trevor Lawrence's outstanding freshman game. Will Shipley rushed 20 times for 104 yards and a touchdown.

Security: d

Here's the problem: Clemson's defense had a miserable day without three key players with injuries. Even when the Tigers got going, the guys covering the wide receivers seemed outmatched. They took penalties for interference, missed patterns, or both. Clemson desperately needs Andrew Mukuba, Sheridan Jones, and Malcolm Green back on the field. But the rest of the guys should be fine.

Special groups: A-

Blaze-Kicker P.T. Potter's initials must be incredible. He kicked a 52-yard field goal late in the game. He was an impressive 8-for-10 from 50-plus yards. At least by his standards, he threw 34 and 28 yards. Aidan Swanson had a 21-yarder and another that could have been dangerous. There is no error in income. Overall a good day 

Training: B

The defense still struggled with passes, but that wasn't the coach's problem. The offense, as strong as it is, had an interesting play on third-and-2 when the righty Oyagalli rolled to the left, killing most receiving opportunities. Clemson had an excellent red zone position in the first half, but Shipley came up short. Substitute Phil Mafia broke up the game. On fourth and two, Shipley would have done better than settle for a field goal.

In general: V

As they say during NCAA Basketball March Madness, survive and thrive. Clemson did enough to beat the defending ACC Atlantic Division champion and now controls what happens. There's a lot to improve on, but a win like this, however it happens, can do nothing but make the Tigers stronger.

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