How we find the best car insurance in uk 2023-insurancewowo


How we find the best car insurance in uk 2023-insurancewowo
How we find the best car insurance in uk 2023-insurancewowo

Finding the right car insurance at the right price is essential. We've assessed comprehensive policies to determine their coverage, and customer feedback to determine customer satisfaction. Additionally, we've identified policies that are especially beneficial to multi-car owners and young drivers. Ultimately, it's important to get quotes from a variety of insurers to ensure you're getting the best coverage at the right rate.

How we find the best car insurance in uk 2023-insurancewowo 

The customer score is an assessment of 2,454 policyholders who have recently gone through a car insurance claim process. It reflects their level of satisfaction and likelihood of recommending their provider. To be included, at least 30 customers must be surveyed.We only talk to customers who've claimed because this is the best way to evaluate the quality of an insurer's customer service. During a claim, they must demonstrate their ability to quickly and efficiently resolve issues and get customers back on the road. It is often difficult to find enough people who have claimed for some insurers, so our policy scores are based on the minimum sample size of 30.

Our assessment of the quality of standard car insurance cover is the policy score. We compare 78 elements of a policy, weighting certain features and costs to determine the impact they have. These elements include the insurer's repair guarantee, cover for glass damage, no-claims discount terms, replacement vehicle provision, fire, theft and accidental damage excesses, and instalments interest rates.

We carry out this analysis annually and the next update of the policy score will be in February 2024.

Summary: Best car insurance companies in the UK 2023, by category

For those looking for the best car insurance at an affordable rate, it is wise to compare quotes from various providers. Recent analysis by Consumer Intelligence has shown that premiums for motor insurance rose by almost 8% in the first five months of 2022. Shopping around for the best policy for you can be beneficial, as insurers often price risk differently, depending on factors such as your driving history and personal details. It may be worth exploring offers from providers known for providing competitive rates.

How did we rate car insurance companies?

Our team analysed 35 car insurance providers and evaluated 29 elements of their policies in order to create a league table. We judged the coverage of different age groups, limits, essential benefits (like courtesy car, old for new car replacement and key cover), payment options, claim process, online policy management and extra charges for adding benefits.

Additionally, we gave extra weight to the elements that are most important to drivers, such as the ability to drive in the EU and continuing the journey if a car is out of action. Points were deducted for any restrictions, such as the number of days and distance from home.

The providers at the top of the league table had the most comprehensive cover in our view. In a couple of cases, two insurers received the same score, resulting in a shared ranking. 

How to find the best car insurance company for you

Premiums for car insurance can vary greatly and depend on your personal circumstances. To get the right level of coverage at the best price, it is important to compare policies and assess how much excess you are comfortable with. Our guide explains how premiums are calculated and we survey customers to provide our best picks with a minimum 3-star service rating.

When shopping around for car insurance, compare quotes from multiple providers to ensure you are getting the best deal. Comprehensive cover may be cheaper than third-party, so it is important to compare your options. If your quotes are too high, raising the excess could be one way to reduce the price. By agreeing to contribute a higher amount to any claim, your insurance company may see you as less likely to make a claim, which can help reduce premiums.

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