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HTeachHealthy dedicated to helping people of all levels improve their fitness and reach their goals. Our unique value proposition lies in our comprehensive approach towards health and wellness, with exercises tailored for each individual’s situation. We believe that everyone has the power to unlock their potential, and we strive to provide a safe environment to find inner strength through physical activity. Our mission is to inspire people everywhere by providing accessible services which focus on quality content and user experience. As part of this effort, we also aim to build community awareness about the importance of fitness education while promoting a healthy lifestyle that will have lifelong benefits. Our vision is to be the world's fitness leader by empowering individuals around the globe with tools needed for sustainable change.

About ME

Hi My Name Is Waqar And I'm currently doing d.com (diploma in commerce). I have done 2nd year with 531 out of 650 marks

  and I have taken a few SOA actuarial exams certificates, including:

  • Pass SOA VEE Economics
  • Pass SOA VEE Mathematical Statistics 
  • Pass SOA VEE Business Finance
  • Get Grade 9 on SOA Exam P 
  • Get Grade 9 on SOA Exam FM 
  • Get Grade 8 on SOA Exam IFM 
  • Get Grade 8 on SOA Exam LTAM

I also hosted or spoke at a couple of financial events for my club at my university and was a tutor assistant for a couple of students during secondary school. Currently, I have 4 monetized blogs and share my experiences on a daily basis to help people find trustworthy and useful health and fitness information online.

I will keep posting more important posts on my Website for all of you. Please give your support and love.

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